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An engine is a device used to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. It burns or consumes fuel, and is differentiated from an electric motor which derives power without changing the composition of matter. An automobile or engineering vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine may utilize various motors and pumps, which all derive their power from the engine.

    1. Diesel Engine A diesel engine uses the heat of compression to initiate ignition to burn the fuel. The high compression ratio of diesel engine makes it the internal combustion engine that has the highest thermal efficiency. Inquiry Form
    1. Petrol Engine A petrol engine, also known as a gasoline engine, is an internal combustion engine designed to run on petrol and similar volatile fuels. Unlike a diesel engine, it uses spark plugs to initiate the combustion process. Inquiry Form

As an engine manufacturer and supplier with years of experience, we at China Forklift mainly offer two kinds of engines, which are diesel engines and petrol engines. To assist you in understanding our products, here we give you some features of China Forklift4DA1 engine.
1. Power system: higher torque, better accelaration performance, increased traveling and lifting speed
2. Economy: lower fuel consumption rate, environmentally friendly
3. Reliability: stable performance, longer service life. The adoption of Spanish casting line, and the utilization of German precision machine tools and cutting tools highly guarantee the quality of the engine body and the cylinder head.
4. Easy maintenance: the engine adopts dry-type cylinder liner structure. This means the cylinder liner will be not in contact with water directly. In case of some friction and damage, it's very easy to change the cylinder liner, and thus the cost can be largely saved.
5. Advanced fuel injection system: German BOSCH VE pump together with Japanese dual spring fuel injectors helps make the injection more precise and reliable. Especially, the VE pump, with high pressure at the pump end, applicable to high-speed diesel engine.
6. Preheating system: the preheating system affords the engine better cold-start performance in cold weather and makes it suitable for use in harsh working condition. The temperature can be enhanced to 850℃ within 10 seconds only.
7. The spare parts are universal parts, and can be easily purchased and replaced, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.
8. Our engine uses Hitachi motor.

China Forklift has been engaged in the manufacture and supply of material handling equipment since 2003. We offer a great variety of forklift trucks, electric pallet trucks, and electric stackers etc. These products are of great quality and are CE certified. Today they are well received in India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Australia, Portugal, and other countries.
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