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Diesel Forklift When you work outside with your forklift truck, you may need much power for lifting. A CHN Forklift diesel forklift will be your right choice. As a China diesel forklift manufacturer, we offer two series of forklift trucks: J series and S series. According to their load capacities, our forklifts are classified into 1-3.5T diesel forklift and 4-10T diesel forklift.
Gasoline LPG Forklift As a forklift truck manufacturer in China, we at CHN Forklift provide two series of gasoline LPG forklifts, which are J series and S series. These forklifts are powered by gasoline or LPG. LPG is a cleaning burning fuel, which means there is less wear caused to the components like the spark plugs, thus making LPG forklift trucks easier to maintain.
Electric Forklift Electric forklift are powered by electric motors, and operate via robust traction batteries with a long service life. Using an electric forklift, you have no need to worry about the noise and exhaust gas pollution. As people attach importance to environmental protection, electric forklift are gradually replacing the internal combustion forklifts.
Reach Truck The reach forklift truck is designed with advanced AC control system which eliminates the demand for replacement of motor brushes, and also comes an intelligent regenerative brake system.
Electric Stacker The replacement and maintenance of the storage battery can be completed easily, since the side gate and the storage battery cover of the AC electric stacker can be fully opened.
Rough Terrain Forklift This selection of forklift truck features large pneumatic tires, usually with deep treads enabling the operators to drive on rough road or ground cover without sliding or slipping.
Electric Pallet Truck Low battery protection device for the pallet lift truck prolongs the lifespan of the battery.
Canbus technology simplifies wiring system and increases reliability of the warehouse equipment.
Electric Tow Tractor CHN Forklift BDD10 electric tow tractor is a piece of material handling equipment that is built to provide great maneuverability, reliability and ruggedness to meet all your demanding applications.
CHN Forklift Tractor The material handling device is designed with handrail for commercial vehicle and leathery soft backrest. The upscale design improves the comfort during operation and relieves the fatigue of the operator.
Non-Standard Forklift As an experienced forklift truck manufacturer, CHN Forklift offers customers various kinds of non-standard forklifts with attachments. The non-standard forklifts can be equipped with a clamp, side fork, bucket, cab, etc. according to customers’ specific requirements.
Engine An engine is a device used to convert energy into useful mechanical motion. It burns or consumes fuel, and is differentiated from an electric motor which derives power without changing the composition of matter.
Component OEM CHN Forklift possesses 550 pieces of manufacturing and testing equipment, including 50 pieces of advanced equipment such as TOSHIBA-BSF-150(B) NC machine center, coordinate measuring machine, NC flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine and automatic welding machine.

CHN Forklift, founded in 2003, is an experienced forklift truck manufacturer in China. In order to meet each of our customer's needs, we offer a wide range of material handling equipment, including internal combustion forklift trucks, electric forklifts, 3 wheel forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, and more. As a result of their reliable quality and economical prices, our products are widely used in manufacturing and warehousing industries, and are very popular with customers from India, Russia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Tunisia, Italy, among other countries.
If you are in need of CHN Forklift forklift trucks, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to serve you.